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León Sáenz

When León Sáenz moved to Baja California Sur in the early 2000s it was only meant to be temporary— but he quickly fell in love with the people, lifestyle, culture, and land. In 2009 he made his move permanent in Los Cabos and joined a local real estate team as a Real Estate Advisor. Wanting more control of his clients’ overall experience, León decided …

Maria Luisa Saenz

Maria Luisa Sáenz is no stranger to moving cities and traveling the world—but her moves are always with a purpose. She has lived in Boston, Mexico City, even India but she couldn’t be happier than where she is right now—Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. For Maria Luisa, Baja has everything anyone could ever want or need! In 2006 Maria moved from her Industrial Accounting ...

Miriam Freedman

Looking back on her life, Miriam always enjoyed building relationships, creating success, and giving of herself to others. Her first and short career as an elementary teacher taught her love and patience. Her forever career as a mother made her the person she is. Her primary career as an International Food Broker brought Miriam full circle to where she is now. And what a career it …

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