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Maria Luisa Saenz

Consultora de real estate |

About Me

Maria Luisa Sáenz is no stranger to moving cities and traveling the world—but her moves are always with a purpose.
She has lived in Boston, Mexico City, even India but she couldn’t be happier than where she is right now—Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. For Maria Luisa, Baja has everything anyone could ever want or need!

In 2006 Maria moved from her Industrial Accounting position in Chihuahua to Mexico City, where she took on a position in the federal government working for the Secretary of Education. Her idealistic nature drew her to the position, hoping she could do some good within the government, especially as a liaison between the people and the government officials. During this time she started traveling to Los Cabos to visit her brother, León, and in 2012 (with the help of her realtor brother) she decided to invest in Cabo and purchased a condo to use as a rental.

After two years of renting out her condo and traveling more and more to the area, Maria decided to make the jump and move to Baja. For her it was an obvious next step: the weather is practically perfect, it is a cosmopolitan city with a small-town feel, completely surrounded by nature, and gave her the opportunity to continue the family business in real estate.

In her free time Maria enjoys practicing yoga, swimming in the ocean, mountain biking with the group Lentos y Aferrados, and being outside in nature. She was also featured on HGTV’s Mexico Life in 2016, which showcased a client experience of searching for and buying a home here in Cabo San Lucas.

“I love showing clients and friends Baja for the first time—seeing that look of ‘Wow, beautiful’—and then helping them make this beautiful place a part of their lives through real estate.” -Maria Luisa Sáenz

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