With its 18th-century Spanish colonial architecture and laid-back local scene, San Jose del Cabo provides a more low-key lifestyle than its lively counterpart Cabo San Lucas, located 20 minutes away. Home of the famous “art-walk,” San Jose del Cabo features a historic town center with cobblestone streets, traditional Mexican handicraft vendors, and century-old homes that have been converted into shops, art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants radiating out from the central square. It is common to find dancing and music happening in the town square no matter what time of year. Only 15 minutes from the airport and just a short drive to great surfing, San Jose also recently opened it’s own marina, Puerto Los Cabos, and it boasts several golf-courses. Farm communities surround the cultural downtown, providing locals and tourists with award-winning farm-to-table experiences. San Jose is also home to the newly built Los Cabos Convention Center, which hosted the world’s most important leaders at the G20 Summit in 2012. San Jose has everything you need, while providing a quieter, more laid-back, way of living.